Thank you for attending the 16th International Symposium on MPS and Related Diseases.

All the presentations are currently being uploaded to the event platform and will be available for on-demand viewing until September 25, 2021.

All registered attendees will receive an email as soon as the videos are ready at the event platform.


The International Symposium of MPS and Related Diseases is an event organized and coordinated by MPS Spain in collaboration with different MPS societies worldwide.

It is a space for dissemination and exchange of knowledge between the medical-scientific community and affected families, in order to bring the latest developments in research, treatment, clinical management and comprehensive care of mucopolysaccharidoses and related syndromes.

It is a meeting point that brings together the best international experts, as well as different medical societies, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry related to these pathologies.

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The main objectives of the 16th International Symposium on MPS and Related Diseases will be:

  • Offering attendees a quality scientific program, with a broad view on new therapeutic possibilities for the future (gene and cell therapies, nanomedicine, etc.), in addition to the review of treatments, updating of clinical trials, and everything related to palliative care.

  • Offering a program with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision to try to respond to the most relevant aspects of these syndromes, in order to help affected families to improve the quality of life of their children.

  • Providing a place where attendees can meet to discuss, share, and exchange experiences to advance in the knowledge and the treatment of the MPS and related diseases. As well as a place where to consult in situ with the best research professionals and medical specialists.

  • Offering children/youths and adults affected by MPS the opportunity to strengthen ties, share experiences and emotions, and generate confidence and self-esteem through a program of recreational and social activities during the symposium.

  • Strengthening work networks and collaboration between the different MPS societies around the world.

  • Promoting and guaranteeing at international level the work carried out by the great professionals and hospitals of our country in the field of lysosomal diseases.