Children & Youth Program

Do you want to participate?

We have not forgotten how important it is for children to attend this meeting.
For that reason, we will have an Adventure Center with all sorts of fun and dynamic online activities, such as:

  • MPS TV Channel
  • Online Scape rooms
  • FCBarça channel activities
  • and many more suprises

Don’t miss out on our 3 daily hours of live shows from Barcelona, broadcasted through the MPS TV Channel with varied and dynamic content of an informative, scientific, cultural and recreational nature appropriate for young people and children of all ages.

Become part of our MPS TV Channel
If you would like to participate you can send us the following contents and we will be very happy to include them:

  1. VIDEO CHALLENGES - take a look at these videos. Send us your video doing one of the proposed challenges.
  2. MPS SUPERHERO - help us find the MPS TV Channel Superhero! Send us your drawing: If you were a superhero, what would you be like? and what powers would you have?
  3. YOUR SUPERHERO – we would love to hear from you! Send us a video explaining us: who is your superhero and why?

How else can you participate?
A part from the three options above, we would love to receive all sort of contents from you to share throught our MPS TV Channel.
Here you have some ideas:

  • Are you good at telling stories, dance or sing?
  • Would you like to share a tik tok video with us?
  • Do you know any magic tricks?
  • Are you good at crafts or cooking?
  • Would you like to send us a video just to say hello?

Don't forget to register!
Please remember to register your children to be able to grant them access to the Adventure Area.

Remember: all Family members have free registration until June 30, 2021!

2021-06-21 00:00:00

Early bird rates only until June 30!

Don’t leave registration for the last minute!

Join the MPS Community at this unique event where you will be able share news, research and connect with other people.

The International Symposium will be broadcast live in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish and German.

Free registration is offered to all family members and fees for professionals have also dropped considerably to make it affordable.

We are preparing many activities also for children and young people.

Don't forget to sign them up too!

For more information, please check these links:

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